Working Progress

I have finally got my own laptop! Big thing for me! On a big push to get a business built up and started. I have been asked to make a patchwork quilt for a baby boy, I decided I really wanted to keep track of hours spent on the make of the quilt to then work out per hour what I would pay myself and how much the quilt should be worth. I would get quicker with time on each quilt, the cutting and preparation and the actual sewing. I would in time hopefully pick up speed each time I do the same layout or pattern. This then making it easier and quicker to reproduce and sell.

I am finding it hard to gather together a few products and designs to sell of my own and not get carried away, my biggest issue and hurdle to overcome is fabrics, I would need a wholesalers of fabric or somewhere I can bulk buy so I can easily go to my stock and reproduce a product that has been bought without the hastle of going backwards and forwards to a shop or individual retailer to buy fabric over and over again.

Wish me luck!


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