Moving On Up!!

Today I had my last day at work, I had worked with the company for over a year and loved it, unfortunately I got fed up and wanted to move on. I decided I needed to grow up and start saving if I really want to move in with my other half and actually start a business. I am moving on to another job, closer to home, free parking and better money. Hello Super Saving!!!

I’ve been working really hard on not randomly spending out of boredom or out of routine, because during my lunch hour I would crave to be outside or away from work so I would shop and go buy food I didn’t need. So to save money I started taking sandwiches to work, doing one food shop at the start of the week and buying everything I needed to last me. I refilled my bottle of water at work from the water fountain to save me buying a drink. I even took to taking sewing to work to get the job done quicker time wise and it actually kept me busy that I didn’t over eat on my break. so overall its good for the purse and my figure!

I have been sewing the baby patchwork quilt on my lunch hour to move the project along quicker. Its kept me busy and I’m really enjoying it. Its coming together quickly but I would change the design to improve the reproduction and sewing time. Here is a working progress picture of the quilt. Fingers crossed the customer will like it 🙂



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