Motivation for Christmas!

So, it’s been far too long since I wrote on here, everything has been all go. Helping my other half with sorting out the renovation of the house, buying for the house and helping move. So sat in the new bed in the new house, I can’t make the excuses of not having enough time any more.

My big push these next few weeks is going to be on the dreaded topic of ‘Christmas’. I really need to get my act together and really work on what I plan to do, I know I want to go to craft fairs and sell and really make a go of the business other wise I will just plod along. So motivation is out to kick me into gear and get me going.

First things first, I have been looking at Pinterest for ideas on what to make and sell. Going to so many craft fairs myself and done a few as part of fundraising for college and university I know that not many people want to buy big ticket items. People like to go for the walk and to have a good nosey, people don’t go to a craft fair knowing they want a certain item like they would in a supermarket or a high street store. For me, craft fairs are novelty items, they are things that are nice, not expensive and easily liked by many people. I have bought the smallest of simple things from handmade hearts for my sisters kitchen, teddy bears for my niece and door signs for my dads shed. These things I like to think are sweet, kind little gestures that not everyone has and make a difference to a home.

I like the effort that people go into by making a gift or even finding something more unique and bespoke. For me at Christmas nothing says how much you care and love someone then a thoughtful present. It can be anything from a hand made cushion to an adventure holiday catered to you specifically.

So my first action to get organised for Christmas fairs is to make a list and a trial run of each item I want to make and sell. I will then test out each item on a small group of friends and family to work out which items will sell more and be the most popular and most lucrative to sell. I don’t want to put my time and spend mountains of money into a few items that may not even get a second glance. For the key to success is to do trial run with each product.

I will then make sure I am signed up and ready to go to as many craft fairs and selling platforms in the coming weeks to Christmas as I can manage around my job. I have already had business cards made up and they look lovely. I would maybe think of getting a banner possibly? For the stalls to stand out.

That’s as far as I have got with my planning so far, wish me luck!