Must keep Going!!

I’m currently working on the baby quilt made from the baby clothes, it is a slight struggle. The hardest part of the process is making the pieces of the clothes cut into equal square sections. This isn’t easy as the baby clothes are so small and awkward to cut. With the patterns and prints varied in sizes and shapes it makes piecing together the quilt in a uniformed fashion makes it harder. For the next quilt I make I think I will need to make a template or use some sort of base to cut around or use to make the pieces even and symmetrical.

I am struggling most with my confidence and knowing that what I am doing is good. I over think on what I’m doing and over worry that the customer won’t like what I have done. I think once I’m over the worries I can really start to believe I can do it. Is it really hard to believe I could do something and make something good? No then why don’t I believe it myself.

So starting a new me, a confident me!